Steve Maslan

Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

For the past decade Steve has crafted soundscapes and designs for broadcast, agency, and corporate clients such as: CBS – College Football’s Greatest, My Strange Addiction, American Greed, Comcast, Time Warner and Kellogg’s. Steve is equal parts creative and analytical resulting in high quality and efficient creative sound design.  When he’s not at the ballpark enjoying his season Cub tickets, you will find him scouring the globe for the best donut, spending time with his beautiful wife and family, mastering a new instrument or pausing the DVR to argue with the umpire about the strike zone.

Request Reel
Altalight “Excite”
Utilimaster “Velocity”
Pristine Surgical “Clean”
Utilimaster – A Standard Coffee Story
Utilimaster Utilimaster
A Mickey’s Linen Story
“Choices” Warner Norcross & Judd
“Can’t Stop Us” Spartan Motors, Inc.
Safety Basics
The Gridway Collection