Leah Mazzara


Our freshly minted editor, Leah Mazzara, is always a welcomed breath of fresh air around our cabin. Growing up in Michigan, Leah always knew she wanted to be in film. Leah naturally possesses a sitcom-like personality combined with fast-thinking wit; she has a passion for mind puzzles that have helped her shape her style as an editor – thinking of every video as a riddle that has yet to be solved. Leah is one of our go-to editors for many of our varied big-branded projects, working behind the scenes, and creating video content that lives well beyond the brand. Known for her buttoned-up organization and her unwavering skill of expertly escaping out of every Escape Room that comes her way, Leah’s goal at Chop & Hue is to get herself and Dustin out of the editing room alive.

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Utilimaster “Velocity”
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Utilimaster Utilimaster
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