Chop & Hue has always been a leader in finding new ways to combine breathtaking visuals with heartfelt brand stories. We are inspired by the post quarantine world and embrace it as an opportunity to develop new and unique creativity that allows us to maintain best practices during this pandemic. Although elements of the production will feel different as we adjust to the new normal, rest assured, our focus and unmatched attention to detail will always be present. Now is the time for creativity to evolve, and we’re here to help with the evolution.

It’s an exciting time to collaborate. Let us help you rework the narrative based on our experience. Simple solutions like being involved earlier in pre-production are one step that can help our joint-teams problem solve and establish a creative plan without sacrificing the core of your brands concept. With our roots firmly established in post-production, we also encourage exploration in the world of animation and motion design to execute and enhance content.


• Hand sanitizer stations placed in multiple on-set locations; the crew will have personal hand sanitizer on them at all times.
• Sanitization will happen at the beginning of the shoot, mid-shoot, and wrap.
• Chop & Hue only use vendors that have strict sanitization practices. Including all gear and personnel.
• PPE, including face masks, will be required at all times on set for all crew. New face masks and gloves will be made available on set.


• All departments will be required to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines.
• Productions with a large crew will follow a rotating crew structure with scheduled department shifts as much as possible per setup.
•Lunch breaks scheduled in groups by department.


• Before production, all locations will be approved to incorporate social distancing protocol.
• Product focused content captured in Chop & Hue’s small studio, with essential personnel only.


• Talent held in a separate area until necessary. Once talent has completed their scene, they will return to their holding area until wrapped.
• Talent will be required to wear a mask at all possible times.
• HMU will wear a mask and change gloves between talent, practicing recommended distancing guidelines as much as possible.
• HMU will sanitize workspace and use disposable/one-use tools on talent.


• Equipment is only attended to by members of each department and their specified production assistant.
•Members from other departments will not be permitted to handle equipment outside of their department.


• When possible, clients & agency members will use remote capabilities vs. on set presence.
• Remote access to live-feed client monitors will be made available.


• We understand that travel is an essential aspect of many of our productions. The safety of our crew and personnel is our top priority. By using smaller teams, remote capabilities, and Collective members in multiple regions, we will be able to adhere to proper guidelines and continue with a safe and efficient production.
• On a per-job basis, local location scouts will share images to a shared portal. E-scouting will occur when possible, allowing individual location owners to share pictures and videos of their sites remotely.

We’re in this together. We look forward to working with you.