The Crew

Director of Photography | Director Brad Porter

Brad Porter, Chop & Hue’s esteemed Head of Production is an inspired storyteller, a visual filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in narrative video, and is constantly creating strikingly constructed images for every piece of video we shoot, across our diverse client roster. His work directing commercials, music videos, shorts, and, most recently, his first feature film paired with a master’s degree in cinematography means Brad is committed to a high level of design while understanding the practical pressures of production. Brad served as associate professor of filmmaking for 8 years at universities in Michigan and England. When not shooting for clients, Brad continues developing his eye and instinct for the craft by illustrating, making music, painting, photographing, and making films. His vibe on set is inspiring and his level of talent is only outdone by his contagious laugh.

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Abbott Labs – Creating the Future of Health
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Merrell Ambassador “Meadow”
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