Chop & Hue Wins National Gold Addy Awards

Chop & Hue is excited to share the news that two of our Merrell collaborations, Handed Down (Mercy Supply Co.) & Ursa Minor (Ursa Minor), have been selected as National Gold ADDY Award winners! These two branded lifestyle pieces are works that we are especially proud of, and we are thrilled at the acknowledgment they are receiving.

Editor Dustin Foster spearheaded the work on Ursa Minor, collaborating with Jr. Editor, Leah Mazzara to craft a beautiful and natural story about a small island restaurant, winning an award for Editing.

Collective composer, Christian Cullen, led the charge in the sound department for both pieces, with his unique scores and tailored sound design, earning an award for Music Without Lyrics for Handed Down, and Sound Design for Ursa Minor.

Contributing largely to the success of these pieces is the Chop & Hue production crew. Each production is tailor-made with our client’s brief in mind, down to the exact crew members on set. Chop & Hue has a historically small footprint on set, opting for two to three-person crews for most of our outdoor and lifestyle productions.

This mindset can especially be seen in our Production of Ursa Minor, which was produced on location in Lopez Island, Washington with a crew consisting of Cinematographers Jacob Cleeves & DJ Viernes, and Producer Samantha Vlaming.

A small footprint allows us not only to be more agile on location, but also opens the door for more collaboration and discussion between our talent, crew, and client on-set, leading to relaxed & comfortable settings, B-roll, and interviews.

Another reason for our small footprint on most sets is our collaborative method with our Chop & Hue editors. In all cases, whether the story is a fully scripted :30 lifestyle piece with hired talent, or a relaxed oceanside interview with bullet points to touch upon, our editors and our production crew work hand in hand.

Our Producers work with the post-production creatives ahead of each shoot to fully visualize the type of work we are creating, and understand the editing flow and needs of each editor. This enables Chop & Hue to send a small crew, with the knowledge that they know which inserts and moments will be perfect to fit the “beat” that our editors are going to use.

This is especially true in the case of Editor, Dustin Foster, who also acts as Director on many of Chop & Hue’s larger-scale productions. Understanding and analyzing Dustin’s edit style allows our producers to easily anticipate edit needs on location, while knowledge of his methods impacts the framing and other style decisions of our cinematographers.

Working in this way has been a benefit of Chop & Hue’s culture for years, and is something that we are truly excited to share with our clients as most productions scale back into smaller footprints to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Experience with two to three-person crews while creating story-driven, beautiful pieces is something that we pride ourselves on, and we’re excited to see where this process takes us next.


Client: Merrell
Producer: Samantha Vlaming
Cinematography: DJ Viernes & Jake Cleeves
Editor: Dustin Foster
Junior Editor: Leah Mazzara
Composer & Sound Design: Christian Cullen


Client: Merrell
Production & Post: Chop & Hue
Director/Editor: Dustin Foster
Producer: Samantha Vlaming
Director of Photography: Brad Porter
Composer & Sound Design: Christian Cullen
Location Sound: Brandon Popp
Camera Department PA: Holly Crevier
Production Assistant: Micah Butler
Assistant: Leah Mazzara