Chop & Hue Wins 19 ADDY Awards

Awards Season is upon us, and Chop & Hue is proud to announce that we have been awarded 19 Addy Awards this year! NINETEEN! In addition to these awards, we also earned a Judges’ Choice Award for Cinematography! We want to take this blog post to get real about the amount of time and effort that goes into every piece crafted by Chop & Hue, and about the fact that we couldn’t do it without a kick-ass team. Our sets are all-hands-on-deck, and every hand that contributes to these pieces plays a considerable role in their success. Our production teams show up ready to roll before the crack of dawn, and our post team is in the edit bay well past sunset. These dedicated team members are the reason Chop & Hue continues to put out award-winning work, and we hope to continue doing so with their help for years to come. See some of our winners below!