Anna Gustafson

Director / Editor

Anna is a Los Angeles-based director who’s work combines vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities. She embraces the imperfections of analog creativity – from motion film to paper collage – and isn’t afraid of a healthy dose of absurdity. Her approach is thoughtful, stylish, and hashtag authentic.

With no patience for the auteur method, Anna would rather create good work with a collaborative team. No jerks allowed, no matter how talented.

Between her directing work and her accomplished editing portfolio, her client list includes NBC, Atlantic Records, Haworth, RYOT, and Adidas. 

Additional to the Chop & Hue Collective. Slow Blink is led by husband-and-wife team Craig Harmer and Anna Gustafson. Collectively, their work has crossed national television broadcasts and feature films alike. Their work is kinetic and emotive, featuring aesthetics that combine the vintage and the modern.

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